-swim like a flower-


The magical creatures of the Greek mythology make their in Maritimum Nymphs collection. The free divine spirit of the past have met with the ancient Minoan culture. Colors such as terra cotta, purple, cranberry red and black, the prevailing colors of women swear of the day are enriched with handmade embroideries. Their themes echo back to the historical civilization of Crete, but their presentation recalls the Egyptian frescoes. An elegant nymph has stepped in, willing to share her grace and spirit, looking forward to even more exciting adventures!


Made with the world-best Italian lycra fabric, Greek design and handcrafted in Athens – the heart of the Mediterranean – Maritimum provides for the highest possible quality, mesmerizing hand-embroidery and comfortable feel. Embellished metal brass details with 24 carats golden plated, complete the luxurious look