The Story

MARITIMUM: Latin for “The Maritime”, as in pancratium maritimum – the “Sand Lily”. This rare and beautiful flower has a long story, stretching back to Minoan Crete – one of the world’s oldest manifestations of man-made beauty. We identify with this flower, as it represents the values we see in the women wearing our beachwear: class, culture, timelessness, romanticism and elegance.
Digital art is transformed into gorgeously embroidered pieces, through intricate techniques, giving a very refined signature look that exudes luxurious ambiance and charming self-confidence. Our designs offer serious grace for the modern cosmopolitan woman and invites her to time-travel.

Made with the world-best Italian lycra fabric, Greek design and handcrafted in Athens – the heart of the Mediterranean – Maritimum provides for the highest possible quality, mesmerizing hand-embroidery and comfortable feel.